Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Firstly - apologies for not blogging lately - have been super busy in the shop and getting the website ready, but have been collecting some great ideas in my notebook!
My first to share is an easy party theme

Yes, that game YOU played as a kid, is still popular! It has had many reincarnations over the years but the principle is still the same - primary colours and circles - what an easy party theme!!!

Use a game mat for your table cloth -
it's plastic and any stickiness or spills will simply wipe off!

All you need to purchase are those Avery Dots in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, and you can spruce up budget white party supplies! Put the dots around the rim of a paper plate, and in a gird pattern like the mat on the cup.

You also have a Built in Party Game - which you can do with smaller lots of kids, or maybe buy a couple of games and entertain the entire neighbourhood!
You can often find this game in second hand shops
and quite cheaply second hand online on sites like ebay.
Plus there are all kinds of products like shower curtains and bed spreads with the game mat on them that would make great gifts and/or decorations!

You could even DIY a game mat with an old white bed sheet or plastic tablecloth and some paint, or if you are into sewing - you could make a fabric mat, that would be treasured by the birthday kid
(especially if guests used fabric markers to leave a message on each circle).

This would be also be a great 21st/18th Birthday Theme,
and you can incorporate the game into a drinking game of sorts.
And the outfit below would make a great hostess or Guest of Honour outfit!
What makes this work as a theme is the simplicity of the concept, and how if you're not sure how to do or include something, you have an easy point of reference - the colours and the circles.

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