Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This was one of the ideas from my sister's wedding. Instead of a signature book, that would be put away and possibly forgotten about, they did a Fingerprint Tree that will be framed and hang in their new home.

This would work equally as well for an engagement party, a 21st, just about any occassion really.

We purchased the base image from Parties and Gifts of the tree trunk and the Bride and Groom's names and had it printed on 160gsm card stock (make sure not to use a gloss finish as the fingerprints won't work properly)

We purchased an stamping pad with a range of green tones that guests used to leave their mark.
Most people found the pointer finger worked best. And then they wrote their name near the "leaf".

Some handy ideas; Baby wipes for people to wipe off the ink from their fingers and have on hand some Scrap bits of paper for people to practice on.

We put ours out during the cocktail hour, and positioned it near the entry, so everyone had to walk past it to go inside, that way we made sure everyone left their mark.

Monday, March 29, 2010


These are BRILLIANT!!! I love the soft glow you get from candles, and recently fell in love with the Battery operated Tea lights - they are safe and even flicker!!

These shades are made with Vellum, and can therefore easily be printed on through your printer.

These would also be really special with a customised print on the LampShade to match your occassion. For a wedding, could print the couples' names and the date.

Click here for the Tutorial on casasugar

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's it all about?

Well I recently helped my Sister with the planning of her wedding, and found so many great ideas on all the blogs out there, that could be used for Weddings, Parties, Dinners, Christmas, ANYTHING REALLY!
So Then I wanted a way to keep all the finds together, and since i found all the other blogs so useful I though a few people might even enjoy what I find....

I'm a strong believe in setting an atmosphere for a function, and I love little details - cos let's face it - it's the cute personalised touches that we remember about a party/wedding/function.

I am always on the lookout for fun and easy decorating ideas, unique inspirations, free stuff, funny stuff. I guess this could almost be a "highlights package" of the history of my internet browsing.

About me?
Well I am 30 (AAAAAAARGH!) and I own a Party and Gift Shop in the Southwest of Western Australia, and this is me putting my metaphorical "toe in the water" into the world of Blogging. I am constantly coming across new ideas and easier ways to do things, as well as great gift ideas and exciting new products - some of which will no doubt feature on here!
I also love movies, television and Pop Culture in general. I have pretty eclectic tastes as you will no doubt discover.

Well that is a good start for my Blog! Stay posted and I Look forward to helping making your next event a Special Occasion!