Wednesday, June 9, 2010

QUICK TIPS that will have your guests saying "What a GREAT IDEA!"

Ran out for time for a full blog today, but here are a few quickies for you....

Give you Cocktails or pre dinner drinks, some extra "pop" with lollipops in complementary colors in place of stirrers.
You can even match flavours to your cocktails!

A paint chip strip makes a simple and creative place card:
Cut off a length of two colors, then fold.

A great idea for a tone on tone on tone party -
Why not ask your local paint supplier if they have a stack of last seasons cards?
This is a great concept to base a whole party around.
You can find a few of your favourite colours from the pallette and
buy some sample pots to add accents around the party!

And one more quickie for you.....

A great tip for a Cocktail Party,
or to put at your bar for your next party,

stash ice in a funky colander and set on top of a bucket or a bowl.
You finally have a use for that vintage colander you love,
and you can show it off to your guests,
who will be saying "what a great idea!"

The water will drain out as the ice melts,
and guests will be able to get their ice blocks,
without digging them out of a bowl of freezing water ;)
And if you don't have any ice tongs?
How about grab the slotted spoon from your kitchen drawer ~
but with the colander tip you could even use a ladle.

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