Friday, April 23, 2010

Face Painting for Fun!

Face Painting is a great skill to have, as a parent and a party planner.
It is a great entertainment for kids parties, but adults often enjoy it too!

It can be hard to find a good face painter, as they are always in demand!

If you are just getting started, it might cost a bit to get your kit going, but you will find it will last for quite a while - but why not split the cost with someone else. It is also great to share your skills with another parent in your kids friends' group so that you can share the job, and if you are any good, you will no doubt get asked to do it at everyone's party, and it's good to be able to call on someone else to do it or share the job!
There are plenty of free deigns and how to guides out there, one that I have found that helped me establish a basic set of designs;
Combine that with hours of watching youtube videos, I feel pretty confident that I could adapt my knowledge to create just about any theme face a child could throw at me!
The best thing - is just practice!!! Play with your own kids- the neighbour's kids- or you can purchase an old hairdressing mannequin. Try out new designs, and simply wash it off and start again!

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